Muscles In order that fingers were bent, muscles of a palm sgibatel are reduced, and their length decreases, and muscles of the back party of a brush razgibatel relax and become longer.

Their activity is accurately coordinated.

Muscles which are reduced, causing the general movement, call agonist.

Muscles which at reduction of agonist carry out the return movement in this case razgibatel, antagonists.

And here wrist muscles to provide its steady situation, work as synergists: sgibatel and razgibatel are reduced at the same time in different degree, but with an identical force.

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You remember, in students

You remember, in students He on it told me very interesting things … But what enraged you?

It was besides according to the schedule.

But you in general refused to take out then garbage, to heat a copper.

Same there was a madness, absolutely irrational revolt.

I have moments when I am not rational.

You remember, in students camp I vtyuritsya in one fat American.

Ten days I thought only of it.

Then began to see clearly, but these ten days I could not think of anybody except it.

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And teachers

And teachers So I gave it the excellent on rhetoric.

from talk of kitezhsky teachers.

Neither knowledge, nor skills of independent work, desire to strain.

And teachers all the same cannot shout, suppress, frighten.

The best exit sense of humour which does not offend the identity of the pupil, but forces to feel need of an exit from a condition of tearfulness.

Do not sympathize and do not show pity, it will tire out experiences even more deeply or will provoke pity to itself and offense to the world.

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Hopes have

Hopes have Parental hopes Sometimes failures of the child only a consequence of the overestimated requirements to it.

It is very important to know, what result hope to reach parents.

Hopes have to be real.

Planning the purpose to teach the child to go, manipulate subjects, to speak and argue, it is necessary to consider weight of violations, physical, intellectual and emotional features of the child.

In it can be useful the help of professionals to define the real purposes and to create realistic expectations.

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It so reacts

It so reacts In other words, it is difficult for them to perceive the world all sense organs at the same time.

For example, the sixmonths kid, having heard a sound, with interest looks back, trying to find its source.

It so reacts to a sound because his hearing, sight, the movements and thinking all life worked together.

To the child with violation of perception to bring together all feelings, despite good hearing, sight and tactile sensitivity, it is not possible, and training in it can move ahead very slowly.

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